“If the rental period is exceeded by an additional month, or 12 months, several laws come into force, which complicates the process for both the tenant and the lessor. To avoid such a situation, the rental period is maintained at 11 months, regardless of the period during which the lessor plans to rent his property. This contract will be extended at a later date for a further period. In this way, several complications from both sides are avoided,” says Brajesh Mishra, a lawyer at Punjab & Haryana High Court. Renting a property is a complex and serious business and it is important that tenants and owners are fully aware of their rights and obligations. That is why we strongly recommend that you get advice from a qualified professional before concluding such a contract. It goes without saying that at Bravo Legal we would like to do this for you, so please fill out the form below and we will give you more information about our fees etc. Without any obligation. One of the best and best methods to make money is the rent of a property. If the property is empty, the landlord can rent it to someone.

But the most important thing in renting a property is the lease. In this article, we will look at why the lease only applies to 11 months and not to 12 months or more. Let`s start by understanding what the lease is? The lease is also called a rental agreement. It is a written document or contract between the owner of a property (owner) and the tenant who rents it out. It defines the conditions on the basis of which the property is rented, such as the address, type and size, i.e. the description of the property, the monthly rent, the deposit, the purpose of the use of the property, whether commercial or residential and duration. In the event of a dispute over the property between the owner and the tenant, the lease acts as proof. The general conditions can be negotiated, but after signing and also for the owner and tenant.

It also mentions the conditions for termination of the contract. Why is the lease only valid for 11 months? You can modify the general conditions of sale according to your understanding with the tenant/owner. This lease is not legally binding unless it is registered. The notarized agreement does not mean that it is registered. Tenants must pay stamp duty and registration fees on the contract. Housing.com has implemented a fully digital and contactless service to create rental contracts. If you want to complete the formalities quickly and without problems, you just need to fill in the details, create the rental agreement online, sign the contract digitally and mark it in seconds by e-stamp. They know what a lease is and what things to include in the lease. But do you know why most leases usually last 11 months? You don`t know, don`t you? Not only do you, most people, including landlords, tenants and real estate agents, not know why most leases are signed for 11 months.

On this blog, we will discuss why most leases are signed for 11 months. If you are familiar with real estate leases in Spain and especially on the Costa del Sol, it is very likely that you have heard of the lease for eleven months and may have even signed one! Many people doubt whether or not an 11-month lease is valid…