Once again, the Greens have made a number of ambitious and progressive commitments in the parliamentary agreement, including the creation of an independent anti-corruption commissioner, a ban on greyhound racing, measures to minimise the damage to gambling caused by the reduction in the number of licensed poker machines in the capital, a legal obligation to reduce emissions by 2050, Civic`s Light Rail Stage 2 in Woden, more nurse centres, a mental health office, free bus trips for seniors and concession card holders, reforms to the energy efficiency rating program and funding education in Gonski. The Greens will also lead an investigation into the promised “Integrity Commission.” The deal does not describe it as a corruption commission, but the Greens and Labour have already hinted that they would see the Tasmanian Commission as their model. Mr. Barr said he did not give a timetable, except to say that he expected the investigation to last up to a year, and then more time for the details of the legislation. [28]. K Lawson, `From Heaven… Jeffrey took the road to Tharwa`, The Canberra Times, July 28, 2016, p. 4. Twelve parties were registered with the ACT Electoral Commission, 10 of which were elected to the elections. [11] [20].

“Mary Porter resigns for medical reasons” earlier than expected,” ABC News, January 22, 2016. The agreement does not specify how much information he can share with fellow environmentalist Caroline Le Couteur, who will be based on the Crossbench, but says the cabinet manual will be reviewed to allow for an “appropriate exchange of information.” The parliamentary agreement stipulates that the government will retain a role for the public sector in rural development. For urban renewal projects in green grasslands and urban renewal, targets are set for affordable housing, with protective measures to prevent the benefits of resale. General Elections, October 15, 2016 in the Australian Capital Territory[8][9] The Legislative Assembly <> Of the 25 MLa elected to the newly expanded Legislative Assembly, 13 women were elected. This is the first time in the history of the Australian Capital Territory, and in Australia`s history, that women are overwhelmingly in parliament. [52] Women were elected from the three parliamentary parties: of the 25 elected members, 13 were women who constituted the first female parliamentary majority in Australian history. [7] [53]. “Caroline Le Couteur,” ACT Legislative Assembly, November 16, 2016. Latest update of the 2016 Parliamentary Agreement for the 9th Assembly Greens Caroline Le Couteur and Shane Rattenbury, along with Andrew Barr, Acter of the ACT, and Yvette Berry, who announced the parliamentary agreement in the Lyneham Wetlands on Sunday. Photo: Jay Cronan “Members` Oath,” ACT Legislative Assembly, Debates, (Proof), October 31, 2016, 2-3. The Greens agreed not to support motions of censure in the government, except for “proven corruption, gross negligence or serious non-compliance with this agreement or the ministerial code.”