Hello, I just wonder if the owner says it`s fair to say that in the house that is rented, but if you just have a camera understanding my property, right ora ora dad`s cameras? I`m asking you if the 15k smoked 4k nm bond is 4kl? and we will defeat the house and clean up the contract nmn?pay properly nmn pay the rent in fact 3monbs b4 according to the contract fully paid aq snmin for 1 year. I didn`t understand how much she was calculating us. It would have been good for at least half of the 15ks they had given up more. It`s normal to complain or frame the owner??? He said so. I rent an apartment for 3500 a month. I have lived in the unit for three years and have never seen a lease. In January 2018, the owner of 500 pesos decided to do it? He made a letter, but I didn`t sign it because I didn`t allow it, and it looked like I was too. Who can I talk to about this? ” Good morning. I would only have liked to ask for advice where we lived, tenants (tenants for 10,500 a month,” he says. Because I am 10 km away here and we want us to be able to renew the contract today, august 15, 2017, but they did not allow my husband to simply agree to sign the signature of the satha premises, because the owner wanted me to sign or move the rented premises. They did too much and it was only a quiet August 19 days early to develop the house… Last June I gave them a letter to renew the contract, but they immediately gave us the contract, which was signed, June 2 week I would pass by General Santos Via Land trip and stayed there for nearly 45 days for work.

they just told me to sign kmi 15,000 times before August, and I could come here a few times, and I could go home that day, especially with Lant Travel. Grandchildren of the two people in my application. Now I was forced to go in search of a new home because they were only 50.50s. Even though I pleaded the debt over 1 month to get around… With a deposit and 1 month in advance mentioned and held 20 deposits, My question is that I am right to get a receipt to them for those I paid?? because it is a kmi contract, the notary.