When I choose one of these records and go to rows, the top selection line is gray, except for the “Inventory” option “Select all agreements to delete”. What do we recommend to delete a posted trade agreement? Thank you. Sorry, maybe I wasn`t clear, but to remove trade agreements, use the “Select Delete All” button, as Martin indicated. “The price/discount agreement cannot be abolished as long as there are dependent price/discount journal positions. Remove dependent price/discount journal positions and try again.¬†Okay, I said I understand the procedure for removing old trade agreements, but when I tried the process described in dynamicsteaching.com/how-to-delete-a-posted-trade-agreement-journal-in-ax-2012, trading positions (sales line discounts) still appear on items. Steps: Note: The above feature removes the reserved agreement, but the reference of the deleted transactions remains in the system. To find out all reserved trade agreements (including deleted), go to the `PriceDiscAdmTrans` table. To confirm that the reserved agreement has been deleted, go to the “PriceDiscTable” table and search for the TA transaction according to the combination of supplier and item mentioned above, there should be no record. With the new year coming and going, it may be time for your company to review pricing agreements and update existing agreements or create new ones in your AX system. Updating the mass price data sets is a two-step process and is covered in your trade agreement form. We will use criteria to pull existing agreements into a price log to update them.

Put it in the log, mark it as deleted, and then post it – this deletes it. You can also customize instead of creating a new one, just look at the Journal more. However, you cannot delete a line discount group if it is used for a trade agreement line. So delete all trade agreements for the line discount groups you want to remove. Then, delete the online discount groups and check that everything is fine. How can you reblock my messages without my confirmation? It is not accessible. Ask to remove everyone from your blog. Share your mobile number to talk to you. If I go to Trade Agreements (Sales and marketing / setup / Price Discount / Discount Price / Trade agreement journal names) and point out the price/discount journal number and try to remove it, I get the following error: current open sales orders should keep the unit price/line amount if you still delete the trade agreements, when you should try in a test instance, as Guy wisely suggested.

To confirm that the trade agreement will be deleted, navigate to the Shared Product Details form (Product Information Management – > General Products > Shared Products) and select item 01. If I understand correctly what you want to do, create a new price/discount agreement journal. In the “Rows”, use the “Select” button to put in the Journal the trade agreements you want to delete. If the trade agreements you don`t want to delete have been included in the Journal, remove them with Alt+F9….