To the extent reseller accepts Discover Cards, the provisions of this Agreement with respect to Discover shall apply where Reseller has not entered into a separate agreement with Discover. In this case, the DISTRIBUTOR is also able to accept JCB, Diners Club International (“Diners Club”) and UnionPay International (“UnionPay”) cards on the Discover network, and these transactions are processed at the same rate as the reseller`s Discover transactions. For Visa and MasterCard products, the reseller may accept credit cards or debit/prepaid cards, or both. The dealer chooses to do so if the reseller`s application is completed simultaneously. You can set a minimum amount of $10 per transaction as a condition for using the cards. You will not set the maximum transaction amount as a condition for card usage and you will not set a minimum or maximum for debit card transactions. the transaction standards defined by Visa and a monthly fee based on the number of cards based on the number of cards based on the taxpayer identification number and/or the total volume of visa processed by a merchant`s tax identification number. .