If you only want wholesale prices, don`t sign up as a distributor. You register as a customer. A customer receives the same prices as a distributor, but he does not build business. Customers do not provide their SSN and cannot have a team between them. Customers cannot register. You can only buy products in bulk, just like a Costco member. As a customer with a subscription, it is no different to pay a membership to access discounted prices for products from any online or stationary store that requires subscriptions for discounts. Well, everyone has already expressed most of my thoughts: 1) doTERRA is an amazing company, MLM or not, they are not focused on $, but “quality” and “helping people”, 2) You don`t need to place a monthly order (which is better than 99% of all other MLMs), 3) (for Leanne) if you cancel your LRP, you don`t charge yourself more. If you received an order that you did not receive (because it was cancelled after shipping), the order will be refunded as long as you return the order. They will always be reimbursed, sometimes for things you have received, and sometimes they let you keep, 4) I have been a preventive health professional for over 35 years, and high-quality essential oils have always been in the same price range where doTERRA oils are expensive – and I actually believe that their oils are very reasonable, if you think they have to pay a 3rd party lab to test each batch, 5) If you order Eo brands that haven`t been tested by a 3rd party lab, you don`t know what you`re getting.

You can say what they want, and you can say anything you want, but if they`re not tested, there`s no way to know (why I left about fifteen years ago with the use of essential oils – for me and for my clients – and that I started with doTERRA about 6 years ago after I learned, than Mr. Pappas` lab tested the oils), 6) I had amazing success with doTERRA oils, and so millions more have, that`s why in less than 5 years of existence, doTERRA has become the #1 essential oil in the world I am acupuncture and I just come to Doterra, I am very aware of the lack of medical training in distribution! I am looking for courses on the use of Chinese herbs oils. I love it. From what I know and read, if you are taking essential oils, you should do so until you live to see a doctor. They are very focused, and there are many people who take too much and harm their bodies. As far as I`ve read and found, there`s no international “therapeutic grade test” for essential oils….