Additional services. Additional services such as on-site services, advice and training are available for an additional fee. For more information, please see: and 10.3 If you wish to terminate this contract, you must send an email termination notice to All other methods you use to terminate this Contract are not valid. Your termination notification will come into effect when it has been received by JAMF. Please contact if you would like to purchase through a third party for renewal and if you need more contact information. Will make the sublicensable terminated at any time. 11.1 You acknowledge and consent that a violation of one of the obligations under Section 3 of this agreement causes irreparable harm and allows JAMF to remedy or remedy this situation. The exercise or guarantee of such a fair exemption does not prohibit or limit the application or obtaining of other remedies provided by this agreement or by law. The agreements, conventions and remedies incorporated are, in addition to, the rights and remedies available to JAMF, including, but not limited, to those rights and remedies that are set out in the Trade Secrets Act 2016, replacing or limited by them. Account creation To participate in certain parts of this site, such as Jamf Nation, you must create an account. You must provide detailed and complete information about your account and let us know if anything changes. You can`t use someone else`s account to access this site, and you can`t allow others to use your account.

Don`t select an inappropriate username or include an identity. Domain: /Library/ 6.3 Violation by your users. As the third party beneficiary of all sub-licences under this Agreement, JAMF has the right to apply directly, at its sole discretion, any clause in the sublicensing agreement against your users, including termination. You acknowledge and accept that you will be held jointly responsible for any act or omission by your users that constitutes a violation of this Agreement.