2) Send these documents in pdf form by e-mail to the President (learning-agreement.bwl-personal (at)uni-bamberg.de) and make an appointment to present the original required documents (e.g. B certificates). 3) If you believe there is an equivalence, please send to learning-agreement.bwl-personal (at)uni-bamberg.de. If you have any questions about your apprenticeship contract, please contact: learning-agreement.bwl-personal (at)uni-bamberg.de The University of Augsburg is a young university with a modern campus in southern Bavaria in 45 minutes near Munich. It was founded in 1970. It is a leading university in economics, social sciences, philosophy, physics and other disciplines. About 14% of the students are from abroad. The University of Augsburg maintains particularly close partnerships with the universities of Pittsburgh (USA), Osijek (Croatia), Iasi (Romania) and Khabarovsk (Russia). It has concluded cooperation agreements with more than forty universities in Europe, Asia, South Africa, North America and Latin America. The number of ERASMUS exchange programmes also continues to increase. 2) In the modular manual that interests you (see here), you can check if there is an equivalence between the course and a course of our flesh.

3) If you believe there is an equivalency, send the documents described above (see “After the stay: recognition and accreditation”), including the application for credits completed, signed and dated to the learning agreement.bwl-personal (at)uni-bamberg.de. 4) Give us some time to carefully consider your application. If we have any other questions or if we need documents, we will contact you. If not, we will contact you when your application is decided. 5) Submit the accounting documents to the audit committee for recognition. For any questions, please contact hiwi.bwl-marketing (at)uni-bamberg.de or leonore.peters (at)uni-bamberg.de Given the current situation of the Corona virus, the commercial and marketing department has decided to limit all communication to emails, phone, email or Skype until further notice. Of course, we conduct all our activities in research and administration during the time without courses (“Conferences… Leisure” until April 18, 2020). However, all processes (after the doctoral thesis, modulated selection advice, learning agreements, etc.) can be done by e-mail and standard email. Any necessary conversation can take place via Skype or phone. 2. The inclusion of the partial service “Introduction to Industrial Marketing” in our XING group regularly informs us about current job offers (internship, direct entry, etc.).

You will also always find interesting places for strong businesses in our region! Always stay informed and happy to be part of our group: www.xing.com/…/lehrstuhl-vertrieb-und-marketing-uni… In general, it should be noted that bamberg University is aware of the situation and appropriate measures.