Neither the central agreement on conditions of employment nor the local agreement on conditions of employment apply during the stay abroad. The current conditions of employment must be specified in the URA contract. During the period of service abroad, the worker`s workplace is a specific place of work abroad. However, this agreement does not apply to workers who are subject to other agreements or provisions of the employment regime in the context of the provision of services abroad. The university`s foundation board authorized the associate vice president of research administration to sign all research-related contracts. The signature of an authorized official attests that the obligations arising from grants and contracts can be met; Checks the accuracy of information on grant proposals or contractual agreements; and ensures that all sponsored agreements are in compliance with federal provisions, Agency guidelines and higher education policy. For more information, see Please forward all of these agreements to the ARU for review and approval. Please refrain from signing such contracts before conducting such a review. This agreement applies to employees of government agencies who are stationed as a result of their employer`s decision and who perform their duties abroad. Foreign contract agreements and foreign employment conditions directives (ARAs) are used for workers stationed abroad while on duty. The agreement gives the employer the opportunity to agree on the terms of employment on the basis of the company`s requirements, the nature of the assignment and the individual situation of the worker. With the help of ARU, THE AI can employ staff for a limited time for overseas service.

In the case of a stay abroad, an employer is employed for a salaried job in a workplace outside Sweden. “ARU,” the term used to describe the general collective agreement of public servants residing abroad. If you have any questions, talk to your head of staff, who will in turn speak to the head of the LiU ARU. Does anyone have the right to be deployed abroad? No no. When a foreigner is posted to his country of origin, this can be considered as a local employment position for which the Swedish authorities are not allowed to hire. Citizenship may not be a determining factor on a case-by-case basis for a person`s place of residence. The URA agreement is rather decisive when the person lives permanently (at his permanent centre) with regard to social security and registered stay. In these cases, the question of whether or not it is possible to deploy abroad is resolved only after determining which social security system the country belongs to the person and where it is registered as a resident.

The issue of membership in a social security system is being examined by the Swedish Social Security Agency. To do so, the individual and Uppsala University must jointly complete Form FK6220. The issue of registered stay must also be considered and the exact manner in which it is carried out must be discussed with the person who may be stationed abroad. Before a staff member retires abroad, an URA contract must be established between the AI and the staff member, specifying the conditions applicable to the entire international service. Compensation for increased expenses, housing costs, moving allowances and travel, etc., can be examples.