I been hooked on watching these one hour videos from The Hollywood Reporter lately, I want to share this one in particular because it talks about the process of casting for tv and film roles. I particular like that they give you hints at the way you want to approach a potential meeting with a Casting Director.


My take from this is to present yourself and do within the boundaries of your craft the best that you can from the moment you enter their office, signed the calling sheet and meet them. I think a polite but genuine handshake, a brief confident recap about yourself and the reason why you could be a great fit for this role could help. Dress the part, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to meet, you might as well acknowledge that by showing it on how prepare you came to the meeting. Last but not least is exploring with confidence what can you bring in your performance, at the end of the day its up to them to make the decision. Leave happy and if you can reward yourself with a cup of coffee, ice cream, pressed juice or whatever is that you are craving, this will re enforce that you did a great job and keep the discouraging thoughts away from your mind, heart and soul!!! Good luck and happy audition hunting to you all!!!