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99 Mind-blowing Movies

Hi there! If you are came across this post, it means that you are looking for some inspiration on what movies you should watch next. Well we all the know that with the arrival of OTT/Streaming services like Netflix, HULU and Amazon Prime, chances that you...

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A sip with: Barry Jenkins

Let me start by saying that last night was awesome and that I am forever thankful to Isa Rae’s production and team behind a Sip with “Barry Jenkins”. I loved the energy and vibe during the whole event; everyone brought their best energy and attitude to make it a...

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RISE | an evening with Director David Karlak

David Karlak is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. In 2010, he directed the short film The Candidate, which generated a huge buzz in Hollywood after making the prestigious Viewfinder List in 2011. Following the success of The Candidate, David sold an original sci-fi pitch to Warner Brothers, titled RISE, with Roy Lee producing.

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Amy Jo Berman’s Seminar: Essential Tools to Hit the Red Carpet

One of the many perks from going to The Beverly Hills Playhouse is that they care for your journey as an actor, every month they create a seminar that’s related to your journey as an actor. The Beverly Hills Playhouse organizes events that benefit the nourishment of your journey in the industry. This month The Beverly Hills Playhouse “Dreams into Action” seminar series has teamed up with casting director, Amy Jo Berman to present a FREE seminar:

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Great Casting Advice Video

I been hooked on watching these one hour videos from The Hollywood Reporter lately, I want to share this one in particular because it talks about the process of casting for tv and film roles. I particular like that they give you hints at the way you want to approach a potential meeting with a Casting Director.

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