Let me start by saying that last night was awesome and that I am forever thankful to Isa Rae’s production and team behind a Sip with “Barry Jenkins”. I loved the energy and vibe during the whole event; everyone brought their best energy and attitude to make it a memorable night.
Barry Jenkins has left a positive stamp in my mind and heart to propel and boost my confidence as a filmmaker. During the past few months leading up to the Oscars, I been watching and listening to his interviews and Q&A’s that he has been sharing with people all over the globe. Barry opens up his childhood and upbringing in a wonderful way for all of us to explore and get inspired from. His energy, sense of style and staying current with the zeitgeist of these times is impeccable. What I cherished the most out of his conversations is the fact that these creative lessons come filled with educational information for up-and-coming filmmakers. Barry is the teacher/preacher for the new wave of filmmakers that are about to erupt into the scene. He lets you know his secrets, his paths, his struggles and his deep connection to the storytelling function of a director.
Having Barry a few feet and being in the same room was an amazing experience, I feel really grateful that I was able to attend and that a lot of things lined-up to make this happen. We have only seen the tip of this iceberg; his momentum was generated after a lot of work 14 years plus in the making. There are no shortcuts, hard work, dedication and good friends to keep that passion going; even in the lowest of times, you have to pick yourself up and work. He endured some obstacles even after his first feature success and his perseverance and loyal friends made his career take a turn for the best.
There are lot lessons about film-making that I have learned but I wanted to write these paragraphs as a way of gratitude for all the inspiration that I have obtain from his lectures and interviews. I wish you nothing but the best Barry!

Gaston D’Agrivieri