One of the many perks from going to The Beverly Hills Playhouse is that they care for your journey as an actor, every month they create a seminar that’s related to your journey as an actor. The Beverly Hills Playhouse organizes events that benefit the nourishment of your journey in the industry. This month The Beverly Hills PlayhouseDreams into Action” seminar series has teamed up with casting director, Amy Jo Berman to present a FREE seminar:

Essential Tools to Up level Your Acting Career

Get Out of Your Head and Onto the Red Carpet!


In this practical, information-packed seminar, you will learn:

  • The three things you’re doing that are stopping your acting career in its tracks
  • How to eliminate the doubts, fears, voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough, rich enough or beautiful enough to be a successful working actor
  • The two MAJOR reasons you are struggling for money to support your acting career, and how to end them forever
  • Why you are struggling to get noticed by Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, etc and how to stand out from the crowd